3D Body Rubbing Sponge Fish Scale Pattern Three-dimensional Bath Ball

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【Magic exfoliating sponge】The super-soft bath sponge is used to clean stubborn horniness, dead skin, and stains.no irritation or damage to the skin. Keep your skin smooth and healthy.
【Bath Sponges for Shower】Its super soft and delicate surface is quite suitable for children’s delicate skin, achieving real painless rubbing. Deeply clean the skin and restore healthy, beautiful skin.
【3D Bath Sponge】 Shower Sponges are soft in water, can be freely deformed, can be hung, soft and elastic to the touch
【Durable】Sponge can be repeatedly used. It will become soft after soaking when exposed to water and it will harden after drying. We suggest you rinse it completely and hang to dry after every use to keep it clean.
【Easy to use】You just soak for a while in the water, scrub your body with water with a sponge, and your skin will feel moist and smooth after use. It is a must-have item for your bathroom.

Product Details:
Product Category: Bath Ball
Material: sponge
Color: white, gray, pink, light blue
Pattern: plain

Package Contents:

Sponge Bath Ball X1

Additional information

Weight 0,11 kg
Dimensions 200 × 180 × 100 cm

2pcs Blue, 2pcs Grey, 2pcs Pink, 2pcs White, 3pcs Blue, 3pcs Grey, 3pcs Pink, 3pcs White, 5pcs Blue, 5pcs Grey, 5pcs Pink, 5pcs white, Blue, Green, Grey, Pink, Purple, White, Yellow


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