Ceramic furniture handle single hole

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Glazed protective layer
Imported color drawing paper
Glazed protective layer
High quality white porcelain layer
Suppressed embryo body’

*Material: Zinc Alloy Ceramics*Craft: Overglaze Color Underglaze Color
Ceramics belong to the category of handmade products. The warehouse will be inspected before shipment before shipment. Manual inspection

Additional information

Weight 0,12 kg
Dimensions 200 × 150 × 100 cm

A1128Kong Light Blue, A1128dark blue, A196Kong Light Blue, A196dark blue, A1dark blue, A2 Light Blue, A2128Light Blue, A2128dark blue, A296Light Blue, A296dark blue, A2dark blue, A3128Light Blue, A3128dark blue, A396Light Blue, A396dark blue


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