Large Frame Modification Of Car Lampshade Trim

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Product information:
Specifications: headlamp shade hydrocarbon, headlamp shade matte black
Applicable models: 20 new RAV4
Material: ABS
Installation method: 3M glue stick type

Installation Notes:
1. Simulate installation
Compare and adjust the position of the product to be installed on the car to the exact position.
2. Surface treatment
(1) Cleaning
Use a towel dipped in alcohol or clean the body with clean water on the parts that need to be installed.
(2) Precautions
Before installation, the body must be kept dry and free of dust, oil, wax, and the 3M glue on the body and products must be warmed when the temperature is below 10 degrees.
(3) Use of tackifier
Use a cotton swab or paper towel (a small amount) to wipe the position to be glued (body) at the position to be glued
(4) Installation
Tear off a corner of the 3M protective film on the back of the product, leave the film on the outside, and adjust the position of the product accurately, then slowly tear off the film and press it.
(5) Safety period
Within 48 hours after the installation of the product (the position where the glue is attached), it should not be in contact with water, oil, or large dust.

Packing list:
Light frame*2

Additional information

Weight 0,24 kg
Dimensions 550 × 200 × 40 cm

Hydrocarbon, Matte black


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