Natural Latex Foot Pedal Elastic Pull Rope with Handle Fitness Equipment Bodybuilding Expander

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  • Specification:
    Material: EVA and TPE rubber
    Color:Green, Red, Yellow, Purple, Blue


    Package Content:
    1x Resistance Trainer


    1. Completely fit hand design helps catching, flexible foam to protect from harm. 4pcs pull tubes, high tensile strength and good elasticity than 2pcs tubes.
    2. Thick bold natural latex tube, high tensile strength.
    3.High quality EVA and TPE rubber.
    4.Workouts for Arms, Legs and Back, and can do seated Exercises. Improves Stretching and Flexibility.
    5.Best sport products for weight loss. Scientific design and compression help you correct posture, flatten abdomen, firm tummy.Comfortable, lightweight stretchy.

    How to use:
    1. shoulder exercises
    Stand in place, pedal your feet, grab the handle, force it up and down.
    Suggest 15 times each time and repeat the 2-3 groups. It can prevent periarthritis of shoulder
    Increase the flexibility of the shoulders.
    2. hand exercises
    Sit on the chair, feet, feet, keep 90 degrees, pull around the tube.
    The hand holds the puller and can exercise the inner muscles of the arm.
    3. waist exercise
    Put your feet flat on your feet and hold the handle.
    With pipe, it’s flexible to do sit ups. It can consume twice the usual number of calories.
    4. leg movement
    Lie on a yoga mat to keep your feet in place. The legs are bent at 90 angles.
    Push forward.
    Recommend 15 times each time. It can effectively strengthen and strengthen the muscles of the waist and thighs.  


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Weight 0,27 kg
Dimensions 400 × 350 × 200 cm

Red with Blue Rally set, Blue with Blue Rally set, Pink with Blue Rally set, Purple with Blue Rally set, Pink6Tubewith Blue Rally set, Yellow with Blue Rally set, Green with Blue Rally set, Purple6Tubewith Blue Rally set, Blue Rally 1pcs, Green2pc, Purple 6 Tubes, Blue2pc, Yellow, Pink, Pink 6 Tubes, Blue, Red, Purple2pc, Green, Purple


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