SUSAN735MP imported high-power inverter head kit electronic booster

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Machine size: 20cmX 11cmx 6cm
Machine weight: about 1kg
Power: actual power 600W rated power 1200W
Advantages: full current limit protection, intelligent pulse, high frequency/low frequency adjustment knob, the size of the frequency electric field can be adjusted freely according to needs, long working time
Purpose: Suitable for emergency power supply in the field, necessary for outdoor
Configuration: Need to be equipped with a battery above 12V20A
Type: Nuclear power inverter
Circuit topology: push-pull
Output voltage waveform: ladder wave
Input voltage range: 12 (V)
Output voltage: above 380 (V)
Output power: 1200 (W)
Inverter efficiency: 99 (%)
Voltage adjustment rate: 99 (%)
Load regulation rate: 100 (%)
Output frequency: 735 (HZ)
Maximum output power: 1200 (W)
Continuous output power: 1200 (W)
Specifications: SUSAN-735MP

Additional information

Weight 1,00 kg
Dimensions 230 × 140 × 90 cm



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