U disk archive NS SX OS archive

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Basic usage
1: Unzip the SD file to the microSD card of the Nintendo Switch.
For files larger than 3.7GB, it is recommended to use exFAT, which includes a large number of games.

  2: Insert the RCMloader and RCMclip into the Nintendo Switch.
RCMloader enters the charger port, the RCMclip in the right joycon track.

  3: Press and hold the volume up and press the power button, CFW should start.
After the CFW is started, you can delete the RCMloader and RCMclip.

  4: Enjoy the latest games and homemade games!

A more comprehensive guide can be found here.

RCMloader for ns switch console sx pro adaptor break for Atmosphere ReiNX SXOS



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