Waterproof And Fresh-keeping Bag For Sea Fishing Incubator

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Product information:
Capacity: 80 or more
Material: cloth
Specification (length*width*height): size: 50x25x40CM 20L white, size: 60x25x40CM 26L white, size: 70x30x45CM 35L white, size: 80x30x45CM 42L white, size: 90x30x45CM 55L white, size: 100x30x50CM 65L White, size: 120x30x50CM 80L white , Size: 50x25x40CM 20L gray, size: 60x25x40CM 26L gray, size: 70x30x45CM 35L gray, size: 80x30x45CM 42L gray, size: 90x30x45CM 55L gray, size: 100x30x50CM 65L Gray, Size: 120x30x50CM 80L gray, size: 50x25x40CM 20L gray, 50x25x40CM 20L gray Size: 60x25x40CM 26L Royal Blue, Size: 70x30x45CM 35L Royal Blue, Size: 80x30x45CM 42L Royal Blue, Size: 90x30x45CM 55L Royal Blue, Size: 100x30x50CM 65L Royal Blue, Size: 120x30x50CM 80L Royal Blue, Small Model (cm)
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Packing list:
Ice bag*1

Additional information

Weight 0,42 kg
Dimensions 300 × 200 × 50 cm

120L, 20L, 26L, 35L, 42L, 55L, 65L


Grey, Sapphire, White


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