Wireless Transmitter Receiver For Electric Guitar Musical Instrument

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Product Category: Pickup
Model: WS-50
Packing: boxed
Applicable scenarios: Musical instruments
Specification: WS-50 wireless transceiver kit
Dynamic range: >=90dB
Channel: 100channels
Transmitting power: 15dBm
Receiving sensitivity: <-110dBm@20dBSINAD
Signal to noise ratio: >=85dB
System frequency response: 30~ 16KHz
Delay: <: 2ms
Distortion: <=0.5%
Transmission distance: 50m
Full power working time: 6hours
Charging time: 2hours (5V 1A adapter)
Operating frequency range: 500~940MHz (specific range varies by region)


1. Suitable for all 6.35mm audio interface devices.

2. The transmission distance reaches 30-50m

3. Adopt UHF high frequency transmission technology to penetrate walls and have strong anti-interference ability

4. The transmission is stable without packet loss, and the delay is less than 1ms

5. Use multiple devices at the same time without interference

6. Built-in USB rechargeable lithium battery can last for 4.5-6 hours

7. Real-time display of power level, so you can grasp power level information at any time.

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Weight 0,50 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 70 cm



WS 50


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